1996 Pontiac Trans AM WS-6

Open the driver’s door and you are greeted by a warm, camel brown leather interior. Sit into the cockpit, the seat feels snug, holding you in. Turn the key, hear the roar of the 5.7L LT1 V8. Grab the shifter and select first gear from the Tremec T56. Let the clutch out. Immediately you are thrown deep into your seat by the brutal acceleration. You hear the twin air scoops sucking down air. Through the t-tops you feel the wind through your hair. Bring the car to red line and hear the symphony of 305 horsepower. It doesn’t take long to realize that this bird can fly. As you sit in the driver’s seat with a grin on your face, you realize your first taste of Pontiac excitement!

Back in 1996, Pontiac came out with an awesome suspension package for its V8 powered Formulas and Trans Ams. They called it the WS6 performance package, but improved handling is not all that WS6 brought to the table. Checking off the WS6 option also gave you a new hood, outfitted with dual air scoops and the legendary “Ram Air” induction system. This Ram Air option boosted power output from 285 horsepower to 305 horsepower.

Shown above is a beautiful example of a 1996 Trans Am with the WS6 performance package. With low mileage, just over 41,000 to be exact, this TA is sure to be a classic. Our particular car has had some minor performance and restoration work done. After some TLC, the paint has been restored to a bright shine, and the 17 inch WS6 wheels have been restored to showroom fresh. Moving to the interior, the rear seat back has been recovered, and a new headliner and sun visors have been installed to give the interior a factory fresh appearance. As far as performance goes, the WS6 is excellent out of the box, but we decided to add a few tasteful upgrades which can be switched out at any time. The stock 10 bolt rear has been beefed up a bit with a set of 3.73 gears and a TA performance rear end girdle. Shifting duties have been relieved from the stock shifter in favor of a Hurst Billet Plus unit for more crisp shifts. Under the hood you will find a black painted BMR strut brace with red Trans Am lettering to enhance the under hood appearance as well as stiffen up the front end during cornering. The Ram Air hood scoops now suck air through a K&N air filter and force it through a 52mm ported throttle body. Exhaust gases are expelled through KOOKS header into a KOOKS y-pipe with high flow cats, and finally through a GMMG cat back exhaust. Rounding out the performance upgrades is a tune, making sure the motor is producing all of the power it’s capable of. This Trans Am is a beautiful example of Pontiac excitement and is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Give us a call and we will put together a package for your own Firebird that will put a smile on your face every time you go out for a drive.